1. You agree to let Pixelated Tech fix your computer/technology. Pixelated Tech will only perform and provide computer services, repairs and upgrades as requested by the customer. Pixelated Tech will conduct honest, reasonable and considerate services. Computer Service/repairs are provided as a service. There may be circumstances under which your computer cannot be repaired. It will have to be rebuilt or upgraded. The length of time required to service/repair your computer cannot be predicted.

    2. You understand that in the process of working on your computer equipment, there is a potential for data loss. You agree that you have made or have hired Pixelated Tech to perform the necessary backups of your data so that, in the event of such loss, the data can be restored. Pixelated Tech will not be responsible for data loss nor will Pixelated Tech be responsible for restoring lost data.

    3. You authorize the technician providing the service or repair to install any tools and any other necessary software on your computer to perform required services. All software/tools will be deleted or uninstalled upon completion of the service (unless it was purchased).

    4. All Remote Repair services are subject to the terms in this agreement.


    1. Our rate is $119.99/Hour. Our remote/phone rate is $119.99/Hour, charged at half hour intervals. After hour rates are $189.99/Hour. The minimum charge for service is 1 hour respectively.

    2. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for any in-home/on-site call made or any service performed.

    3. Data recovery has a non-refundable $75.00 diag/attempt fee on Tiers 1 and 2. Flash recovery has a non-refundable $50.00 diag/attempt fee.

    4. There will be a $25.00 trip charge for any distance exceeding 15 miles one-way for on-site calls.

    5. Not all services can be completed on site and therefore, must be completed in my home office.

    6. An estimate of cost for work will be provided before performing services/repairs. Estimates are not guaranteed.

    7. In the case that there is an unforeseen deviation beyond the above estimated amount, every effort will be made to contact the customer and inform the customer of the situation and receive authorization to continue or stop at that estimate limit.

    8. In the case that you cannot be reached, work will be stopped until contact is established. Once you are reached; your decision to continue or stop will be honored by Pixelated Tech.

    9. All Remote Repair services must be paid before services are performed. If for any reason you are not satisfied or I cannot complete the service, you will get a full refund.

    10. Full payment is due upon completion of services, upgrades, or repairs. There will be a late fee for any past due invoices.

    11. Computer parts, hardware, and software that need to be special ordered must be paid in advance unless otherwise discussed.

    12. Pixelated Tech accepts cash, check or major credit cards.


    1. Service(s) are provided in an effort to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the computer system(s) for which you request such service(s).

    2. Your system will not be intentionally harmed. The primary goal is to fix your system; not damage it.

    3. In the case of accidental damage to your system, including but not limited to data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as a virus, poorly configured software, hardware problems, accidental damage or hardware failures; you agree to not hold Pixelated Tech responsible to any of these pre-existing problems.

    4. It is your responsibility to back up your data if Pixelated Tech was not hired to do so. Pixelated Tech will not be responsible for data loss or any other damages.


    1. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

    2. All Services will be conducted in a professional, reasonable, and timely manner. Also, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems.

    3. After 14 days from the date on the service order/receipt, Pixelated Tech will no longer offer free support.


    1. All services and repairs are guaranteed for 14 days from the date on the receipt or the Service Order.

    2. If later found that the service or repair was incorrectly diagnosed by the technician; then Pixelated Tech will perform the repair/service free of any labor charge. Only parts will be charged if needed to correct the problem.


    1. Pixelated Tech offers free estimates over the phone or e-mail.

    2. For in-home/on-site estimates there will be a 1 hour fee ($119.99/Hour). If you decide at that time you would like Pixelated Tech to work on your system, this fee will be waived and you will only be charged for the service being performed. (See 2.1 above).

    3. If you decided at the time of the onsite service call you would not like Pixelated Tech to perform service; you will be charged the 1 hour service fee.