We’ve all been there. That dreaded moment when your password has expired and it’s time to create a new one. Oh the horror. Password exhaustion is common and you’re not alone. We’re here to give you a few pointers to make password management easier and safer.

Here are a few documented best practices to consider when creating your password strategies for business or personal use:

-Use a strong password. (numbers, letters, symbols) It’s best to avoid anything obvious about yourself or someone/something relative to you. Keep it random. 

-Make sure you reset your password every once in a while. Every 90 days is our recommendation. Many people keep the same password for years. Don’t be this person:) 

 -Use Two-Factor authentication where available. This provides a second line of defense for access to your accounts behind a standard login. A common example is having to enter a code sent to you via SMS text to your phone. You would then enter this code after entering your standard username/password to access your account. 

-Use password generators to keep your passwords strong and random – (http://passwordsgenerator.net/)

-Don’t use the same password across all your accounts. Keep it random. Up to 75% of all accounts on the web are
using duplicate passwords. Don’t be another statistic.

-Don’t share or store your passwords in the open. Use password management software. This is a great way to keep your passwords stored behind encryption. Most password managers use a web browser add-on to help organize your secure world. Check out PC Mags article on some of today’s top password management utilities:


-Make sure you password protect your mobile devices as well. Pins, passphrases or cryptic patterns. Choose one. 

-Use a Mobile Device Management platform for mobile devices – Pixelated Tech can help with this! Check out our Managed Services

-Use a password management service.

If you have any questions about password management, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to help!